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Now more than ever we are all experiencing change, uncertainty, and fear. It is normal. It is uncomfortable. Let's take action to feel more confident and in control. There 8 mental traps we typically fall into. Learn how to recognize and manage them.

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    “Double J's Mindful Guide will resonate with anyone facing change, especially in tough times like these. It is a must-have "guardian angel" voice in your ear telling you HOW to be brave, accept the challenges, stop and listen - to yourself and others - and use mindful principles to move yourself and your team forwards. This is indispensable thinking for all of us.”

    Alan Muskett

    Mindfulness and Talking Therapy Consultant

    What you get:

    This 30 page ebook is packed with valuable information you can use today. It includes the 8 Mental Traps we face when we are confronted with change; what they are, the symptoms we experience, common causes, outcomes and tips on how to take action.

    What is it all about?

    Learn all about the 8 Mental Traps: the trap of devastation, the trap of seeking validation, trapped in the past, mind reader trap, the pointing the finger trap, the tunnel vision trap, the compliance trap, and the passion trap. At least one of them will resonate with you.

    Become knowledgeable and empowered to take have already taken the first step by being curious and seeking to learn more. Now download the FREE ebook and get started on your path to change.